5 Options For Building Signage

5 Options For Building Signage

Building signage is important. You need a way to identify your buildings and businesses therein, and you want to do this in a way that makes your business or property look appealing. Here are five options for building signage.

1. Metal Signs

Metal is a great material for building signage. Metal can be made into a number of different shapes, can be presented in a number of different colors, and metal—especially stainless steel, brass, and bronze—stand up to the sometimes-harsh weather we receive here in Treasure Valley. You can identify your building with a metal plaque, with a metal panel with printed text, or you can use metal as the main material in another type of sign.

2. Channel Letters

Metal can be used to shape three-dimensional letters. These letters can be used to spell out the name of your building. If you manage a commercial business, there is great benefit in lighting these letters. Illuminated dimensional letters are called channel letters. Channel letters can be crafted into a font that represents the qualities of your Idaho brand and lighted signs have improved visibility.

3. LED Signs

A lighted sign has a wider range of visibility than a sign of the same size which is not illuminated. Furthermore, a lighted sign can be seen at night, in the rain, in the fog, and in the snow. LEDs are the most efficient of any light source. They convert more energy into light than heat, unlike incandescent bulbs, they have a warmer hue than fluorescent lights, and they last longer than any other available light. LEDs can be used to light channel letters, cabinet signs, digital signs, and other lighted building signage.

4. Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be very effective building signage. Unique graphics that are identifiable as your brand will work well to identify you. If you want to go all out, installing a large wall mural will get your building noticed.

5. Monument Signs

Not all building signage is on buildings. A monument sign can identify your building closer to the nearest street or highway. This is handy if you have a lawn or parking lot in between your building and the nearest road.

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