5 Uses For Ceiling Graphics

5 Uses For Ceiling Graphics

Ceiling graphics are little bit unconventional, but that just makes them all the more effective in certain situations. What are these niche circumstances for which ceiling graphics are perfect? Here are five uses for ceiling graphics.

1. Ceiling Graphics Are Effective At Identifying Businesses.

Ceiling graphics won’t work on every type of ceiling. Sometimes the material on your ceiling just won’t suit the installation of graphics and sometimes things such as light fixtures or support beams get in the way. But assuming your Treasure Valley business doesn’t have any of these obstructions, ceiling graphics are highly visible. This makes them perfect for identifying your business because everybody can see your ceiling graphics. If you really want to impart upon people the name of your Payette sporting goods star, emblazoning that name, logo, and/or slogan on your ceiling will leave a lasting impression.

2. Ceiling Graphics Are Perfect To Brand A Space.

Along with identification, consider the branding potential of ceiling graphics. They’re really great for lobbies. Welcome people and let them know where they are by installing some vivid graphics on the ceiling of your Boise hotel or hostel’s lobby.

3. Ceiling Graphics Can Help Create An Ambience Or Set An Atmosphere.

Let’s continue with the example of a Boise hotel or hostel to discuss how ceiling graphics can create an ambience. When people arrive at a hotel or similar establishment, they’re likely new to the city. You want to welcome out-of-towners and give them a sense of what Boise and the Treasure Valley are like, as well as conveying qualities of your hotel’s brand. Ceiling graphics are great for this. Whether it’s a fun design that incorporates the logo of your Boise hotel or even an image of the great Rocky Mountains in Idaho, ceiling graphics are great for hotel lobbies.

4. Ceiling Graphics Can Motivate Staff And Promote Teamwork And Unity.

You don’t always create an atmosphere just for guests. Sometimes you want your staff to feel a certain way. Installing motivating messages or graphics on the ceiling of your Boise office can increase productivity and teamwork.

5. Ceiling Graphics Can Be Used To Provide Wayfinding Information.

Because they’re highly visible, ceiling graphics are great for helping people get around. Provide directional information with arrows so people can find their way around your Payette store.

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