6 Indoor Signs To Consider For Your Treasure Valley Business

6 Indoor Signs To Consider For Your Treasure Valley Business

Indoor signs are rarely tasked with identifying a business or attracting people inside (unless it’s in a mall or office building). However, indoor signs are still incredibly important. Here are six indoor signs to consider for your Treasure Valley business.

1. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are fairly simple and inexpensive indoor signs. However, they look sophisticated and professional. Acrylic signs are great for displaying your business’s logo. Use an acrylic sign to brand an indoor space, such as a lobby or reception area.

2. Ceiling Graphics

Ceiling graphics, like acrylic signs, are great for branding interior spaces and lobbies.  But while an acrylic sign might not be big enough to be seen in a large space, ceiling graphics offer maximum visibility. Assuming the ceiling in your Treasure Valley business is unobstructed and allows for ceiling graphics, it’s hard to imagine a more visible sign. Anybody who simply looks up will see it.

3. Cabinet Signs

Illumination is also a useful way to boost visibility. Cabinet signs display a sign panel in front of a light source that shines through the panel. Cabinet signs can be used to brand spaces, to indicate the checkout or different sections of a retail space or department store, to promote specific brands or products for sale, or to provide large wayfinding signs (cabinet signs are often used to display wayfinding information in airports, for example).

4. Channel Letters

While more commonly used outdoors, channel letters can make for great indoor signs, as well. Inside, the brightness of channel letters can outcompete other visual stimuli to get people’s attention.

5. Wall Murals

Wall graphics are great indoor signs to provide wayfinding information and the like, but full-scale wall murals can be great motivational tools. Use a wall mural in your Boise office to motivate your staff and create team unity. Or you can use a wall mural in a business that serves children. For example, a Meridian dentist can use a colorful and fun wall mural to distract and calm children in the waiting room.

6. ADA Signs

Some signs must comply with federal and Idaho state ADA laws or your business could receive a hefty fine. ADA signs are designed to be readable by those who have visual disabilities.

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