7 Custom Outdoor Signs That Can Help Your Treasure Valley Business

7 Custom Outdoor Signs that Can Help Your Treasure Valley Business

Outdoor signs are public-facing signs and are thus representative of your business in the Treasure Valley. Here are some custom outdoor signs to consider for your Idaho business.

1. Lighted Business Signs

A lighted a business sign can display the name, logo, and/or slogan of your Idaho business. A lighted outdoor business sign generates more impressions than a non-lighted outdoor business sign because the illumination means it can be seen from further away, as well as at night and in the rain or snow.

2. Digital/LED Signs

One form of illumination is the LED. Light-emitting diodes are more energy efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs and they offer a warmer and more pleasant glow than fluorescent lights. LEDs can be digitally programmed to light up in sequences, thus displaying messages and graphics that can appear to move, which will generate more impressions.

3. Parking Lot Signs

Not all outdoor business signs are as glitzy and glamorous as LED signs. However, even functional outdoor signage should be customized to your Treasure Valley business. For example, parking lot signs are necessary for any business with a parking lot and they should be made custom with the colors and font of your Treasure Valley brand.

4. Monument Signs

If you have a parking lot between your business and the nearest street, you might need a monument sign. Businesses with parking lots or lawns in front of them are difficult to identify for passersby. Monument signs are located near the road to heighten the visibility of a business.

5. A-Frame Signs

A-frame are useful for situations opposite to those of monument signs. A-frame signs are portable signs displayed primarily on sidewalks right in front of your business so that people walking, cycling, or driving perpendicularly to you will notice you more easily. A-frame signs are especially popular among bars and restaurants that use them to display daily specials.

6. Metal Signs

Metal is handy material for outdoor business signs because it’s durable and easily customized. Use large metal letters to display the name of your business or smaller metal panels for more functional messages.

7. Vehicle Graphics

You may not have expected to see vehicle graphics on this list, but they tick all the boxes: they are custom, they are displayed outdoors, and they are extremely cost-effective custom outdoor business signs.

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