7 Indoor Business Signs To Improve Your Idaho Business

7 Indoor Business Signs To Improve Your Idaho Business

If your Treasure Valley business has a physical presence, you’re going to need signage for it. But what are the best signs for the best purposes? Here are seven indoor business signs to consider.

1. COVID Signs

We all hope we won’t need COVID-19 signage for much longer, but it looks like the coronavirus will be a factor in all our lives for at least most of 2021. Until it’s no longer an issue, you will need indoor busines signs informing customers, clients, and staff about your COVID-19 policies.

2. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are great indoor business signs. They are most often used to display the name, logo, and/or slogan of a business. Acrylic signs are very good at branding spaces. For example, if you manage a Boise business with a lobby, consider installing an acrylic sign to brand the lobby as belonging to your business. An acrylic sign looks sleek, professional, and it should be designed to communicate, even subtly, the values of your brand, whether they are reliability, creativity, sophistication, or anything else.

3. Ceiling Graphics

Acrylic signs are great but, maybe your Boise lobby doesn’t have any good sightlines for an acrylic sign. Or maybe acrylic signs just aren’t to your taste. That’s fine; consider a ceiling graphic. Ceiling graphics are also great for branding, identifying, and promoting. And because it’s on the ceiling, ceiling graphics always have high visibility.

4. Door Signs

If your business has doors, you need door signs. Afterall, people need to know what’s on the other side of those doors. But you should take the time to ensure your door signs are on-brand. For example, if the door signs in a Meridian office all look different, then you’re not conveying any message except perhaps disorganization. If, however, all your door signs use the same materials, colors, and fonts, they will reinforce your company’s style, aesthetic, and values.

5. Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs direct people to places and things of interest. Like door signs, they should also be on-brand with the rest of your indoor business signs.

6. Wall Murals

If you really want to motivate the staff at your Meridian office, consider a wall mural. A wall mural depicting graphics and text that promote teamwork, hard work, and the values of your company can boost productivity. Wall murals can also be used to attract customers into a business or to set an ambience.

7. ADA Signs

No matter what indoor business signs you choose, you better make sure that they comply with all relevant federal and Idaho state ADA laws.

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