8 Commercial Signs You Can Use For Your Business In Meridian, ID

8 Commercial Signs You Can Use For Your Business In Meridian, ID

It’s darn near impossible to run a successful business in Meridian, Idaho, without effective commercial signs. Here are eight commercial signs to consider for your business in Meridian, ID.

1. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are versatile commercial signage. Install them near the entrance or in the lobby of your Meridian business. Acrylic signs can identify your business and brand the space. Acrylic signs replicate the classy look of glass but are lighter, more durable, and less expensive. They can be as colorful as you want them to be.

2. Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are great for identifying your commercial business in Meridian. They are illuminated, so they have higher visibility than other signs. Because they are 3D letters, your font choice has a greater effect. Channel letters can accentuate the boldness, creativity, innovativeness, or any other quality of your brand.

3. Monument Signs

Channel letters are great, but what if there’s a lawn or parking lot between your Meridian business and the nearest road? Monument signs are freestanding commercial signs installed next to the road that identify and promote businesses.

4. A-frame Signs

A-frame signs serve a similar commercial purpose to monument signs except on a smaller scale. A-frame signs are portable and collapsible commercial signs that you can place on the sidewalk to entice people to come inside your Meridian restaurant, café, salon, or convenience store.

5. Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can brand your commercial space, provide wayfinding information, or set an atmosphere. A Mexican restaurant in Meridian can use wall graphics depicting images of Mexico to set an authentic ambience.

6. Ceiling Graphics

Wall graphics are great, but they’re not practical for every space. Consider ceiling graphics. They’re commercial signs that you can use for any purpose for which you would use wall graphics, except they’re on the ceiling.

7. Digital And LED Signs

Sometimes you need to go all out. Digital and LED signs are highly visible and highly effective commercial signs. LEDs are the most efficient light source to illuminate any sign. When combined with digital technology, LED signs can cycle through different pages of text and display graphics that mimic movement, thus catching people’s attention.

8. ADA Signs

Whatever commercial signs you choose for your Meridian business, make sure that you are in compliance with all relevant Idaho state and federal ADA laws.

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At 208 Custom Signs and Graphics, we can design and manufacture all these commercial signs and more in our Meridian studio. We can install commercial signs for clients all over the Treasure Valley of Idaho. To learn more about us, please contact us via our website or call us at (208) 870-9101.


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