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Digital Led SignsWhat are Digital/LED Signs?

Digital signs use digital screens to display information. Some lighted signs have a series of bulbs that when lit up in a certain pattern can convey movement, and these lights are often programmed digitally. LEDs are efficient and powerful light fixtures that can illuminate signs or digital screens.

Uses for Digital/LED Signs

Digital signs and LED signs are powerful promotional tools. You wouldn’t use a digital sign to indicate the bathroom in a Eagle restaurant or use an LED sign to ask people not to loiter in front of your Eagle store. Eagle businesses use digital signs and LED signs to promote themselves and/or convey large amounts of information.

Types of Digital/LED signs

LEDs can be used to illuminate cabinet signs, channel letter signs, and other forms of lighted signage. Digital screens can display movement and multiple pages of information. Digital screens are common forms of lobby signage and menu signage in quick service restaurants.

Why Choose us for Digital/LED Signs in Eagle, ID?

Digital signs and LED signs will pay for themselves over time because they are durable, reprogrammable, and because they are effective. But they are still significant investments. You need to ensure you get the best possible digital/LED sign for your Eagle business and that means working with us.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Digital/LED Signs in Eagle, ID

At 208 Custom Sign and Graphics Co., we can design, manufacture, and install the perfect digital/LED signs for your business in Eagle. Please contact us to learn more.

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