How To Get The Most Out Of Your Office Signage

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Office Signage

Office signs are rarely complicated on their own. However, designing a cohesive sign system for an office does take some thoughtful planning. Here’s how you can get the most out of your office signs.

Office Signs Serve A Variety Of Functions.

Different office signs play different roles in your office. First, you need at least one sign to identify your office. This could be a channel letter sign on the front of your office building and/or a monument sign at the edge of your parking lot by the road. Or, if your office is a space that occupies one or more floors in an office building, you’ll need to identify it with a sign in the lobby of the building and/or by the elevator to indicate what floor(s) you’re on. A sign identifying your office at its front door or on a pane of glass so that people can see you when they step out of the elevator would also be useful.

Inside, it’s often a good idea to brand the interior office space with the name, logo, and/or slogan of the company. This is good to keep reminding staff of where they’re working and of the values of your company. You can even install a wall mural with motivational slogans to promote efficiency and team unity. Lastly, there are directional office signs to help people find important places like the conference room, copy room, restroom, and more.

What Are My Options For Office Signs?

Some popular types of signs to use for office signs include:

An important thing to recognize about office signs is that they don’t exist in a vacuum. Every office needs numerous signs, and those signs should be linked together somehow. Your office signs should share a similar aesthetic and they should be on-brand with your company’s image. You can achieve this by using the same font, same color pattern, and/or same materials for all your office signs.

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