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Essential features of any business or organization, interior signs deliver crucial wayfinding information for customers or clients, and they also convey your facility’s professionalism and enhance your brand. 208 Custom Sign & Graphics Co. features a wide range of signs, including indoor signs such as directory signs, ADA signs, entrance/exit signs, and more. We design custom interior signs to suit our customers’ needs and preferences in Boise, ID. As a leading interior sign maker in Boise, we look forward to helping you design your interior signage for your Boise commercial property, organization, or business.

What Is Interior Signage?

There are many uses for interior signs. Your indoor signage is as important as your decor–and maybe more! Indoor signs help you convey your interior branding with professionalism. Plus, these features are necessary for helping your customers and clients navigate your space. Interior business signs not only proudly showcase your company name, but also deliver integral communication that facilitates the convenient exploration of your space. From interior office signs to restroom signage, your indoor signage is likely to be versatile–and always useful!

Types of Indoor Signs & Graphics

208 Custom Sign & Graphics Co. features a wide range of sign templates. We will customize your sign to meet your business or office interior design vision. We can partner with you or your interior designer to develop indoor signs of any size to feature any business branding (like your company name and logo) or wayfinding information.

Some of the most common types of indoor signs we’re able to create to your specifications include:

If you’re searching for interior signs near you in Boise, ID’ choose the local custom signage leader: 208 Custom Sign & Graphics Co.

What Is the Cost for Indoor Office & Lobby Signage?

The cost for interior signs depends on factors such as:

  • Size of the sign
  • Materials
  • Customization
  • Special features
  • Installation

Our sign design and manufacturing company have a reputation for our fair pricing and high-quality materials. We can provide you with a quote for one or multiple custom sign manufacturing and installation.

Create Custom Interior Signage for Your Boise Business

Size, color, font, style–so much goes into the creation of your interior signage. Be sure to partner with an experienced sign design and manufacturing company like 208 Custom Sign & Graphics Co. We continue to invest in innovative graphic design technology and manufacturing tools to help us craft world-class signs in a wide range of materials, including budget-friendly options and upscale corporate styles.

For some of the best indoor signs in Boise, contact 208 Custom Sign & Graphics Co. today. We look forward to helping you fill all of your interior signage needs. Our team can also provide sign installation and repair services. Call us to learn more about all of our interior and exterior sign services and solutions.

An interior sign is designed to assist in providing awareness and information. These signs can advertise what’s going on, how to find a certain area, talk more about the company, and more.

There are many types of interior signage, like wall and floor graphics, wall graphics and murals, cabinet signs, banners and posters, lobby signs, digital displays, wayfinding, or directional signs. But with custom sign options, there’s even more possibility.

Common materials used to make indoor signs include vinyl, foam core, acrylic, corrugated plastic, fabric, glass, metal, photo paper, wood, and digital signs.

Figuring out the best material for an indoor sign is based on different factors, including how long the sign will be in use, where it will be used, the purpose, and overall aesthetic.

Signs last if they are well taken care of. It also depends on the type of material used for the signage and if the sign is not exposed to outside elements.

In most cases, permits are not needed for indoor business signs unless the property is being leased and the landlord has specific guidelines you must follow.

Yes, interior signs can be illuminated. In most cases, these are digital-based signs.

Most interior signs need to be dusted, cleaned, and inspected at least quarterly. It’s always best to keep the signage away from direct sunlight or use blinds for filtering. Direct sunlight can cause the signage to fade, warp, or discolor. It is always best to follow directions from the manufacturer on what you can and can’t use to clean them.

The cost of interior signage varies based on the type of sign, the material being used, the number of letters and logos, and the size. Lighted door signs or solid metal signs can be more expensive. You may also incur costs for installation, maintenance, and repair.

Yes! We are readily available to assist with providing a quote and design for your custom indoor signs. Our team is ready to help. Call or contact 208 Custom Sign & Graphics Co. today!

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