Idaho City Custom Trailer Wraps

Trailer WrapsWhat are Trailer Wraps?

Wraps can turn your work vehicle into a mobile billboard. Wraps are large-scale graphics that wrap around a vehicle such that they appear on multiple sides. But the vehicle need not necessarily be a car, truck, or van. Trailers offer a lot of space for a very arresting and effective wrap.

Uses for Trailer Wraps

Any time you use a trailer for business purposes, you should install a wrap on it to maximize its promotional value, to appear more professional, and to get noticed. This is true if you manage a business or event that requires a trailer, but it is doubly true if you rent out trailers for moving and similar jobs.

Types of Trailer Wraps

A trailer wrap can display the name of your business, your logo, slogan, web address, phone number, an eye-catching graphic, or anything else you want. A business that uses a fleet of trailers should use wraps to create a uniform look.

Why Choose us for Trailer Wraps in Idaho City, ID?

We can make trailer wraps that are not only designed well but that are also durable and won’t damage the finish on your trailer. From a food truck trailer in Idaho City to an entire fleet of moving trailers in Idaho City, we can handle any job.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Trailer Wraps in Idaho City, ID

At 208 Custom Sign and Graphics Co., we can design, manufacture, and install the perfect wrap on your trailer or fleet of trailers in Idaho City.

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