Meridian Custom Vehicle Graphics/Lettering

Vehicle Graphics LetteringWhat are Vehicle Graphics/Lettering?

Vehicle graphics and lettering can turn your work vehicle into a mobile billboard.

Uses for Vehicle Graphics/Lettering

Imagine a plumber who lives in Meridian. How much time do you think that plumber spends in their van driving around Meridian? Without vehicle graphics or lettering, that time is just a sunken cost. But with vehicle graphics or lettering, that’s time spent promoting the plumbing business. Vehicle graphics and lettering not only promote your business, but they also make your work vehicle look more professional and more easily identifiable.

Types of Vehicle Graphics/Lettering

Vehicle graphics and lettering are usually made of vinyl, or a magnet if you want to be able to remove them. Lettering can spell out the name of your business, as well as a slogan web address, or telephone number. Graphics can be a logo or another eye-catching image. Large graphics can be made to wrap around multiple sides of your vehicle.

Why Choose us for Vehicle Graphics/Lettering in Meridian, ID?

We can make vehicle graphics and lettering that are not only designed well but that are also durable and won’t damage the finish on your vehicle. From a self-employed plumber in Meridian to an entire fleet of taxis in BoiseMeridian, we can handle any job.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Vehicle Graphics/Lettering in Meridian, ID

At 208 Custom Sign and Graphics Co., we can design, manufacture, and install the perfect vehicle graphics or lettering on your work vehicle or fleet of vehicles in Meridian.

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