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Vehicle MagnetsWhat are Vehicle Magnets?

Vehicle graphics can turn your work vehicle into a mobile billboard. But you don’t always want your graphics to be on your vehicle all the time. Magnets can be repositioned and removed whenever you want.

Uses for Vehicle Magnets

Imagine an in-home private tutor who lives in Meridian. How much time do you think that tutor spends in their van driving around Meridian? Without a vehicle magnet, that’s just lost time and lost money on gas. But with a vehicle magnet, that’s time spent promoting the tutoring business. Vehicle magnets make your vehicle more easily identifiable, but you can take them off when you’re not on the job.

Types of Vehicle Magnets

A vehicle magnet can display the name of your business, your logo, a slogan, a web address, a phone number, or anything else you want. Magnets can be various sizes but they shouldn’t exceed the size of your car door or hood.

Why Choose us for Vehicle Magnets in Meridian, ID?

We can make vehicle magnets that are not only designed well but that are also durable and which are strong enough to stay stuck on your vehicle even while driving at high speeds. We can help tutors in Meridian, and anybody else who wants a vehicle magnet.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Vehicle Magnets in Meridian, ID

At 208 Custom Sign and Graphics Co., we can design and manufacture the perfect vehicle magnet for your work vehicle in Meridian.

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