What Elevator Graphics Can Do For Your Business

What Elevator Graphics Can Do for Your Business

Elevator graphics have multiple possible uses. Elevator graphics can be used to notify your residents/staff/guests of important information, to generate passive income, and for branding purposes.

What Are Elevator Graphics?

You can adhere vinyl graphics to your storefront window or can install metal graphics on your office walls. But have you ever considered installing graphics in your elevator? Elevator graphics can be as simple as a glass-encased bulletin board branded with your Idaho business’s logo and/or name or you can use a digital sign to display a series of different graphics and messages. Elevator graphics are highly effective because you have a captive audience. Afterall, what is there to do in an elevator except look at your shoes?

What Are Elevator Graphics Used For?

Elevator graphics have three principal uses: to inform, to brand, and to advertise.

  • Informational Elevator Graphics
    Elevators are often used to display information. Let’s say you manage a residential apartment or condominium building in Meridian, Idaho. You will need to periodically update you residents on important matters like the testing of the fire alarm system, elevator maintenance, or to remind them to secure items on their balconies so they don’t blow away. The elevator is a perfect place for these reminders because almost everybody in your building uses the elevator. A board that is branded with the name of the property management looks professional and is perfect for displaying different notices.
  • Branding Elevator Graphics
    Even when you don’t have any important information to impart, it’s good to remind people where they are. Branding can be a subtle process. At 208 Custom Signs and Graphics Co., we advocate for our clients to have all their signs look similar by using the same color patterns, the same font, and the same materials whenever possible. Something as simple as font can convey reliability or creativity. But to really convey these characteristics, you need all your signage to reiterate these non-verbal cues. A simple business sign in your elevator can work towards this goal.
  • Advertising Elevator Graphics
    You can use elevator graphics to advertise both your own products and services or those of a third party. For example, if you manage a hotel in Boise, you can use elevator graphics to advertise the restaurant and/or bar on the ground level. Or, if you manage an office building in Boise, you can use a digital screen to broadcast commercials for other businesses, thus generating revenue for your business.

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