What You Need To Know About LED Signs

What You Need To Know About LED Signs

LED signs are effective forms of commercial signage in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. But you need to use them correctly to reap the benefits they provide. What do you need to know about LED signs?

What Are LEDs?

LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. LED technology isn’t exactly new; these lights became common about twenty years ago. However, the technology has evolved quite a bit. Twenty years ago, LEDs consistently gave off an unpleasant blueish hue—much like fluorescent tubes always have—and people avoided using LEDs despite the other benefits they offered. These benefits are largely about efficiency.

LEDs last longer than any other commonly available light fixture, so over time they’ll save you money. But it won’t take long for them to save you money because they are so energy efficient. An incandescent bulb expends the vast majority of its energy on heat whereas LEDs are much more efficient in converting energy into light. This makes them brighter, safer, better for the environment, and better for your electricity bill. Neon signs have a beautiful, warm glow, but they lose their neon gas over time, so they don’t last that long. Thankfully, nowadays LEDs have evolved to the point where they can mimic the inviting warm light of neon signs and avoid the unflattering blue hue of fluorescents.

How Can LEDs Be Used For Signs?

LEDs can be used to illuminate signs. This makes signs more visible and thus boosts the number of impressions they will generate. Indoors, LED-lit signs stand out well against other visual stimuli. Outdoors, LED signs can be seen from far away and can be seen in any weather from rain, to snow, to fog, and at night.

LED Technology Is Great For Digital Signs.

LEDs can be used to light channel letters, cabinet signs, or any other illuminated signs but they also pair well with digital programming. You can digitally program an LED board to light up individual LEDs in a sequence that spells out a message or produces a moving graphic. Digital LED signs can display a lot of information by scrolling through different slides of text. They also generate more impressions because they can mimic the appearance of movement, which always catches the human eye. When you want to display a new message, you simply reprogram your digital LED sign; you don’t need to buy a whole new one.

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