Why Your Treasure Valley Business Should Use Signs Fabricated In The Treasure Valley

Why Your Treasure Valley Business Should Use Signs Fabricated In The Treasure Valley

If you own or manage a business in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, you’re going to need signs, and plenty of them. But why should you care where those signs are fabricated? What difference does it make to you if they’re fabricated in Meridian or Manilla?

Having Signs Fabricated Locally Cuts Down On Wait Times.

Let’s say you need a channel letter sign for your business in Fruitland, ID. You could conceivably get that sign designed and fabricated in Portland, Oakland, Maryland, England, or the Sudetenland, for that matter. But having a sign fabricated far away has some notable drawbacks. First, you’ll have to wait for your sign to get to you. As a business owner, you will find that you can’t always anticipate your signage needs months ahead of time. In such cases, you can’t afford to wait for your sign to get shipped across the Pacific Ocean or maybe even across the state border. And there’s the little matter of having to pay for the shipping. Getting your sign fabricated somewhere in Treasure Valley, like Meridian, means you can get that channel letter sign to your Fruitland business quicker and possibly for less money.

Having A Sign Fabricated In Meridian Has Other Benefits For Treasure Valley Businesses, Too.

There are many different processes that go into securing an effective sign for your Treasure Valley business and sign fabrication is merely one of them. There’s consultation, design, installation, possibly even applying for a permit, and then later down the line, sign maintenance and repair. If you’re in Treasure Valley, a sign company far away can’t do any of the last three services mentioned and the first two processes will be hindered.

Sign design often requires quite a bit of consultation before the fabrication even takes place. This is especially true of important commercial signs like that Fruitland channel letter sign we mentioned as an example. You want to be able to call a sign shop in the same time zone and preferably without long distance charges to facilitate this consultation or, better yet, go over your design ideas in person. And if you go to a sign shop in Meridian to discuss design, you want a sign company that can fabricate that sign in their own Meridian studio. This allows for less of a possibility of error or miscommunication.

208 Custom Signs & Graphics Co.

At 208 Custom Signs and Graphics, we can offer all the services mentioned above and more to clients in Meridian, Fruitland, and elsewhere in the Treasure Valley. We fabricate all our signs in our Meridian studio. To learn more about us, please contact us via our website or call us at (208) 870-9101.



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